908 Valet Stand

Thomas Wiuf Schwartz
Rolf Benz

Some things are beautiful. Some things are practical. And some things are both: beautiful and very practical. Here is an example of the latter. As a homage to the great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and his single line drawing technique without his pen leaving the paper, duo Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider of design studio Kaschkasch have created an elegant, minimal, and sculpturally appealing valet stand, titled 908.

Comprised of black metal tubes, the versatile stand is formed to allow clothing items or bags to be hung with or without a coat hanger. To be honest though, this valet stand looks even better when not used a functional furniture piece, and instead sits proudly in a naked artistic form, almost like a dancer caught in mid-motion. It stands on a solid base and can be easily moved from one living area to the other thanks to felt glides.

Made for German furniture brand, Rolf Benz, the 908 stand marks the first collaboration between the two companies. Sebastian Schneider explains:

We always strive to find partners who are on the same wavelength as us. Partners who share our understanding of good design and how we aim to always get the best result out of the respective design. At Rolf Benz we had the feeling from the very first minute: Yes, that fits!

Elaborating on the inspiration behind their work and in particular, 908, Florian Kallus explains:

For me personally, anything can serve as a source of inspiration. A good conversation, a sudden thought, exciting architecture, a detail in road construction or the work of an artist. For the silent servant, Pablo Picasso inspired us with his One Line Drawings. A very strong series. Since I saw the drawings for the first time, I couldn’t get them out of my head. In general, fine art is a very productive field for me. It usually differs significantly from the design, but there are also certain parallels.

The 908 valet stand can work in almost any living environment. Regardless of whether it is a walk-in closet, a bedroom, or a living room, there are no limits to the possible uses. Furthermore, the boundaries between living spaces are becoming less and less rigid. Today, the dining room, living room, and kitchen are often one and the same room. Different living styles are also increasingly being combined. And in times of home office even the office chair has recently taken place at the dining table.

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