Tateyama House

Chiba, Japan
Yashima Architect & Associates

Tateyama, which is located in the south of Chiba Prefecture, is characterised by a warm climate, and although the site is a developed subdivision, you get a sense that time passes slowly. If you look around the neighbouring houses and surrounding houses, you will find that there are few houses with solid walls that prevent the interior from being visible, and even if there are, many of them are simple.

Originally, the owners of Tateyama House requested a single-storey building to make the most of the long north-south site. However, since most of the houses in the neighbourhood were two-story houses, Yashima Architect & Associates proposed a single-storey with a high foundation that has good proportions and gives a feeling of floating. The high foundation, which is about 1m above the road surface, removes the moisture crawling near the ground surface, and at the same time, gives a sense of security even without a fence.

The interior design is as pared back as you can get. Incredibly simple with little to no ornamentation. From the traditional tatami mats to wooden flooring and ceilings, the entire space offers a sense of tranquility and warmth.

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