KNNOX Lighter

industrial design

The task to revitalise an archetype in industrial design is a substantial ordeal, especially when the product in hand is the quintessential lighter. How does one break the hegemony of the two most well known form factors in the market? That question was answered by KNNOX, a reimagined version of the lighter, with a unique and invigorating design, and most importantly, one that is meant to last. 

The lighter industry is partly rooted in the idea that the experience of owning and using a lighter must be linked with disposability. Heading in the exact opposite direction was the choice to use solid brass as the main material, showcasing a striking colour and texture—and will only benefit of the wear and tear of daily use. In other words, it will beautifully age with time. The durable nature of the lighter is an integral part of the KNNOX experience.

Said experience starts with a modish packaging developed by Socio Design. The navy blue box with golden details in the typography welcomes the user with a stylish flair, as one opens the box. Each component of the lighter is individually packaged, to be assembled by the user. Each lighter comes paired with its own high-quality wicks, flints, and stainless steel hex tool. The packaging mirrors the company’s ethos and expands the engaging process until the first flick of a flame.

KNNOX’s form factor mixes a minimalist penchant for single-volumes with a 1970’s sensibility for curves. The much important flame is hefty but never overwhelming, once again breaking the mould of the usual suspects in the market. It is luxury made for daily use.

Led by duo Desmond and Jessica Ware, the UK-based brand’s first step into the realm of homeware items is a valid and necessary step into new directions, mixing influences and prioritising high-quality materials in all aspects.

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