BbyB Ginza


This Nendo designed chocolate shop is located in a small storefront plot in Tokyo's Ginza District. The illustrious Nendo created this shop for the Belgian chocolatiers BbyB, who describe their treats as "haute couture chocolate." It is only fitting that the BbyB Ginza store be held to the same high standard as the products sold in it.

The long and narrow shop is cut in half by a central glass case equipped with rows of drawers to hold the chocolate bars. This glass case lets the colorful packaging of BbyB's product to take center stage. Nendo designed each flavor to be displayed in its own glass case, with the drawers of the product installed directly behind. This warrants the user to browse the sweets at ease, opening each drawer in search of the perfect treat. The chocolate bar design, printed in white, is displayed on the walls behind the glass case. White marble floor tiles and recessed lighting allow the physicality of the store to melt away, so the customer is only focused on the delicious chocolates in front of them.

A cafe is located in the back of the shop and follows a similar design as the front. The glass display case becomes a counter, and the white walls and floors turn a dark shade of brown. The customer is welcome to enjoy their sweets with a coffee in this small, tranquil room.

The experience of shopping in this BbyB store is surely one of pure pleasure. Nendo took a gorgeous product and enhanced its beauty, creating a truly compelling retail experience.

In the shop