Holga D

industrial design

In the old days of analog photography, waiting for results was an integral part of the experience. First you wait until you finished the entire roll of film, and then you had to wait even longer for the film to be developed.

However, this delayed gratification did make seeing your photos for the first time a lot sweeter than it is today.

India-born designer Saikat Biswas tries to bring back some of those qualities with this concept for a digital camera, the Holga D.

Whilst large displays are all the rage nowadays, the Holga D doesn't have a display at all. Your photographs remain mysterious until you download the images.

Its other functionalities are also kept to an absolute minimum - almost rudimentary. Very few controls, a 2 speed shutter, 2 apertures and a very basic focusing ring - just enough functionality to make it useful.

And don't you just love the old school design?!

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