Hotel Aires de Bardenas


In the middle of a wheat field, between the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales de Navarra and the town of Tudela, sits the small agglomeration of buildings of the Aire de Bardenas hotel.

Designed by Barcelona-based, Latin-american architects Emiliano Lopez and Mónica Rivera, the hotel was conceived as a succession of protected spaces from which to contemplate the exterior, due to the site's exposure to very strong winds. The ensemble is composed by a series of simple monochromatic cubic structures, arranged around a central court, offering climatic protection and providing simple, generous and silent spaces.

I'm particularly interested in courtyard-based constructions and this architecture has been designed with a very notable respect for its surroundings and their climatic predispositions, all the while creating a quiet oasis of beauty and peace towards its center.

Photography by José Hevia.

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