Thinking Person Lamp

SEUNGHO Design Studio

When we come up with a brilliant idea in the face of a problem, we call it to a light bulb moment. The Thinking Person lamp reflects a person who came up with a brilliant idea after thinking. Conceived by SEUNGHO Design Studio, the glass cover that comes down with a sense of volume that represents the root of "thinker". The glass cover expresses the body and head of a person, and when it becomes a "light bulb which is lit", it shows the intuitive visual effect of a flashing situation. And the glass cover changes from transparent to translucent as it rises, bringing a calming feeling.

We wanted to find a balance in the gloss of glass and chrome. Although these two materials shine with each other, their opposing transparency and reflectivity create a strong impression.

Such a clever design that packs a lot of character for minimalist object.

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