Aesop Nolita


NYC-based architecture firm Tacklebox is behind the design and concept for skincare brand Aesop's store in Elizabeth Street.

Succintly filled with oak shelves stocked with products aligned with spartan precision, the main feature of this space, however - and nearly unseen due to its very subtle texture - is the the concept of newsprint walls (stacked strips of newspapers held within a continuous oak wrapper), covering nearly every surface of the shop. Like paper, they will age over time, as the architects affirm:

Just as oak is commonly used to store and age wine and spirits, so too will the newspaper age, turning a light tan, thus marking the passing of time.  In this way, the history of Aesop North America will be recorded within the very walls of this first store.

Photography by Gianluca Fellini and Tacklebox.

In the shop