Serpens Collection by Qiu Hao


When two talented people meet, an edgy fashion designer and an unconventional photographer, an astonishing project, intriguing in many levels, originates. The Serpens collection lookbook is the product of the collaboration between the Chinese fashion designer Qui Hao and the Shanghai based, French photographer Matthieu Belin.

Named after the constellation of the northern hemisphere - the reptile, the mythological symbol that represents both good and evil - Serpens is as mysterious, futuristic and compelling as its name implies. An extravagant collection in which the size is the absolute dominant. Oversized clothes touched by the magic wand of minimalism. The use of black and white (evil / good) and the absence of colours add an extra dramatic dimension while emphasizing the simple, geometric lines that hide behind the original idea. An unfinished game between textures and sizes.

The photography concept is working on the same wavelength. Models like mannequins form geometric shapes with their bodies within the photo frame. Again, the absence of make up and the elimination of shadows produce a neutral canvas, where the clothes seem the only thing alive. Bodies like robots, clothing like structures, a rather architectural approach in a fashion photo shoot.

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