industrial design

Remember the time when things were made to last? When every little item we used had value? When we tried to repair our household inventory instead of throwing it away when it breaks? This wholesome approach to everyday things was the creative inspiration behind Edwin, an electric juicer by Natalia Coll. Made from wood and ceramic components, easily replaced in the event of a breakage, the piece is virtually everlasting. Here is how the designer explains her idea:

Edwin is a fully repairable and sustainable fruit squeezer. Some time ago, products that accompanied us were long lasting and reparaible, made of natural and sustainable materials. Nowadays, actual electrodomestics have an expiry date. Several reasons like programmed obsolescence or irreparaible designs make the products easily spoilable, adding that it is almost impossible for it to have a second life or a enter a proper disposal cycle. Edwin was born from the intention of producing everlasting electrodomestics.

Another important aspect of longevity is the look of the product. The use of basic geometric shapes and simple design make Edwin beautiful and easily adaptable to any environment. Because if the piece is not enjoyable to use, however strong its parts are, it will not last...

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