Swimming Center


This swimming center by Eddea Arquitectos is located on the outskirts of Barbate in Spain. The design of the center seeks to provide an impressive health experience through a relationship with the natural landscape. The sports pavilion is housed around an interior courtyard and hall, which incorporates filtered sunlight into the center. Situated around this space are changing rooms, a fitness center, and the swimming pools. The swimming pools bask in a warm light from radiant ceiling fixtures.

The entrances, private spaces, and relationship to the outside set this center apart from the majority of sports pavilions. Eddea challenged the traditional characteristics of these centers with a design that advances the space from mere utility to a unique aesthetic experience.

One enters the center through the neighborhood to emerge in an area of soft sand dunes. One then moves through the interior void and finally into the private and swimming areas. The relationship between nature and swimming pool brings part of the surrounding environment into the interior spaces. The building is non-obtrusive overall, allowing it to blend seamlessly into its setting and give the user a tranquil health experience. This swimming center brings a new style of sophistication and quality to sports center design.

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