RIP PDF Brand Guideline


Brand guidelines need a digital home because let's face it, the static format is dead. And for good reason. Managing brand assets digitally is going to save you time, resources, and money. It's time to say goodbye to rigid, outdated PDFs and avoid the uncertainty about whether you have the right version of your guideline. Brandpad recently unveiled a light-hearted campaign to visually communicate this message.

We wanted to create a lighthearted funeral for the PDF printed brand guideline, as an ode to our predecessor. The design aims to be minimal and tasteful, to reach our graphic design savvy target audience.

The Brandpad platform is a tool for designers and brands to create, handover, and efficiently maintain projects. Based on the intent of simplifying the communication between designers and their clients, it is a solution built from the ground up to act as a convenient channel to access logos, layouts, and brand guides.

In addition to being visually stimulating and attention-grabbing, we wanted this campaign to spark discussion around the topic of digital brand guidelines and assets.

Brandpad's design team relies on a clear and simple aesthetic to be the foundation of the user experience; that aesthetic being minimalism. The lightweight and clear visuals are responsive and easy on the eyes, since it's an interactive guideline software. There's no need for coding. Instead, Brandpad acts as an accessible canvas. It's the foundation of a simplified and elegant solution. It's both a streamlined and functional platform for design to live and prosper in the 21st century.

Long live digital.

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