Peel Light

Words by Carl MH Barenbrug

The Peel light has been created by Tokyo-based designers Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto of the studio YOY. The piece is a witty fixture that imitates a light beam, shining through a peeling wall (hence the name). It blends with the wall during a day and creates a surprising optical illusion at night, almost becoming an architectural detail.

The design duo explain the mechanics of the piece:

OLED is used to make the light source as thin as possible and the electric cable is let to stay along a corner of walls so that it doesn’t stand out.

This is not clever, it is also incredibly creative and aesthetic—producing an illumination effect of sunlight. The piece can be attached to the wall with a regular hook.

YOY set themselves “between space and object” as their design theme to design furniture, lighting, and interior spaces. Their works have been sold all over the world and are included in the collection of MoMA, New York.

Yasuko Furukawa
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