Studio Macura, lead by Dutch product designer Marko Macura, is an Eindhoven based design label of domestic accessories and furnishings, with a certain minimalist aesthetic. One product in particular stood out for me. That is the beautiful design of Lako - a bent-steel wire rack for storing books and magazines.

Compact and light, it can be placed next to a sofa or a bed. Periodicals and books that are arranged on this sculptural yet functional object become a mini, mobile library. The handle at the apex is used to move it around while its straight lines and angles permit various options for storing.

Lako is not dissimilar to the sleek Jorge magazine rack previously featured on Minimalissimo, but is available in high gloss powder coating or electroplating finishes, as well as three colours; black, grey, and white. The slim and simple straight line structure makes for a product I'd certainly consider for my home.

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