E Series

industrial design

Many businesses do not consider stationery design as a crucial aspect of creating an impact in the workspace and what kind of effect it has on the way we work. Well-made office accessories can represent the complete identity of a company.

E series is a set of sleek aluminium desk organisers that captured only the essence of what is needed to organise common desk spaces at modern workspaces. Designed by Donghyun Kim, E series is made with high-grade solid aluminium, with design inspirations coming from the elements of modern architecture such as arch, façade, gable, cylinder, with these elements then translated into relevant and everyday desktop products.

It has a concept that came from a particular manufacturing process which is an aluminium extrusion. Products that are only shaped by an extrusion process, therefore all the products have a certain form. The Cable Organizer neatly manages a small set of cables. It prevents unplugged charging cables from dropping to the floor. Pen Classifier is a substantially weighted pen holder that separates pens and pencils through 8 holes. Card Stand is a display stand that you can place memos, business cards. Last but not least, Paperweight Tray is designed to combine paperweight and mini tray.

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