Lloyd Lamp

industrial design

Inspired by a vintage dentist lamp, Lloyd is an elegant desk lamp that rotates 360 degrees at both its base and its shade, to let the user position the large LED panel anywhere one wanted in order to direct its soft and diffused light. The designers explain us:

When we were designing this light we wanted something that would fit in in an office as well as home. The connection of the support tubes to the base is where we added the romance. Usually office lights are very hard and stern, so that connection, the part that sinks into the base, is the romantic portion that brings some humanness to it, giving it that extra bit of poetry to break away from the harsh office environment.

What I like most about this design is how all its components flow. From the slim yet secure steel arms seamlessly sunk into the pedestal base, to the versatility of the lighting angle.

Designed by Vancouver-based creative studio Knauf and Brown, Lloyd lamp was presented last February in the Stockholm Light and Furniture Fair, where the studio won the Rising Star Award for 2017 for its work. One to watch.

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