Everywhere I Have Ever Been

art & illustration

Miso’s latest exhibition Everywhere I Have Ever Been is testament to the propel-able artistic force she is. Every once in a while you’re introduced to an artist who really has a curious dexterity. Miso is that. Her work is reminiscent of an otherness; another reality. It seems to have both an ethereal lightness and a depth of skill and technique that both employ an incited curiosity.

Miso herself finds herself between the worlds of her two current homes; Melbourne and Tokyo, although originally from Ukraine. The exhibition Everywhere I Have Ever Been is an exploration of this. She decided to make a drawing for every city and every memory for these last few years while travelling between the cities, dreaming and mapping – hammering memory clusters as holes into paper, like strands of constellation maps.

Each piece involves the insertion of tiny pins to create perforations into the medium. These openings, creating opportunities for engagement with light, then evolve into the finished piece. They create shadow and somehow also a sense of tactility that wants of its own dialogue. Essentially, she was playing with all these ephemeral things and making them into something tangible.

Her work has recently been purchased and displayed in the National Gallery of Australia and this exposure will no doubt see a thriving career for Miso. I look forward to following this minimalistic artistic development with gusto.

Photography courtesy of Louis Porter.

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