Inside Instagram: Ilanka Verhoeven


Ilanka Verhoeven - @ilankaverhoeven - is a Dutch freelance fashion stylist currently residing in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and runs the popular blog FASHIONNERDIC. Below is an insight into her incredibly stylish, minimal and exceptionally captured Instagram:

What is the inspiration behind your minimalist photo collection?
I'm mostly intrigued by architecture and the human body. I consider these two as equal and admire them for their purity.
My photos always represent these two elements, whether it is a photo of myself or the meal I just ate.

How does your surroundings impact your creativity?
I like my surroundings to be organised as I then feel calm and my creativity has the freedom to flow. I can easily be inspired by simply displaying a magazine on my desk.

When and how do you decide to take a photo?
I hardly decide to take a photo, it is more of a natural aspiration.

What is your favourite quote on minimalism?
"It isn't necessary for a work to have a lot of things to look at, to compare, to analyse one by one, to contemplate. The thing as a whole, it's quality as a whole, is what is interesting. The main things are alone and more intense, clear and powerful." - Donald Judd

Would you like the opportunity to have your minimalist Instagram collection featured? Please use the hashtag #minimalissimo on any photo you capture.

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