Confetti Credenza


Moving Mountains is an interdisciplinary studio founded by Syrette Lew, who was born and raised in Hawaii. With a sustainable solution of producing and realizing her designs within the United States, she focuses on making utilitarian objects through whimsical simplicity.

Confetti Credenza is one of the children from that playful minimalism that the designer explores in her work. Standing on four thin legs made of blackened steel, the credenza has a clean contour with an opaque color of maple wood. Its illusion / reality of a mass relying on such thin supports is a wonderful work of balancing. The symmetrical design is then broken by the randomized confetti pattern that subtly adds a quirk to the product. Thoughtfully, the thin steel lines complements the black segments of confetti, or vice versa.

Lew's design of the credenza speaks about the many sides of minimalism. On one hand, there is the familiar sleek look with clean executions. On the other, a whole horizon of possible interpretations.

Photography courtesy of Moving Mountains with Ceramic Sculptures by Keiko Narahashi.

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