House in Tamatsu


In this 3-storey residence in Osaka, Japan by architect Ido Kenji,  the challenges of maximizing living space and optimizing natural light on such a narrow site surrounded by mixed-use buildings drive the design of this family home.

It was the intention of the architect to manipulate the volume of the interiors to enable light through the skylight to penetrate down to the lower floors.  To do so, the walls of the first floor had to bear most of the structural load while the walls of the second floor rotated 14 degrees on the plan which would not only let in the light, but also create a unique and evocative living space. As described by the architect:

This inclined wall frees people’s feeling by deviation from the norm, simultaneously the sense of touch of the degree of inclination and the light to reflect of that inclination cause a new physical sense.

What resulted is an experience of a home that feels ethereal. Light peeks from the crevices into the volumes of the interiors which are complimented by the understated minimalist architecture and finishes. I love the fact that this house is both a retreat from the other small houses, businesses and factories in the neighborhood as well as a functional living space that is so closely connected to the outside, constantly moving as the light changes throughout the day.

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