Tylko Type02 in Matte Black

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Jürgen Branz

In this modern age, especially with the recent pandemic, the digital experience has offered unparalleled efficiency to customers at large. Many vanguard companies have delivered a seamless transition to customising personal space and creating individuality by introducing programmes for rendered visualisation. As for furniture design brand Tylko, the digital-first philosophy has formed a signature for their minimalist storage furniture.

Founded in 2015 in Poland, Tylko has a focus on high-quality furniture solutions. Utilising the Tylko Augmented Reality App, the company cleverly embeds its minimalist aesthetic into the simple process of tailoring products to preferences and spatial restraints. Complementing the swift personalised input, the outputs result from a sustainable direction with made-to-order designs using regional materials and local production.

Sleek, functional, and perfectly fit, Tylko’s furniture is made of geometric contours and rectilinear compositions. Their configurations change according to defined technical parameters; including style, density, dimensions, and colour. Type02 is no different. Being the company’s most bold product line, Type02 is a sculptural statement for contemporary homes. With the facade blending into its depth, the modular units become one whole entity through a click-in system. This ease of assembly and adjustment gracefully weaves together the effortless procedures of visualising, ordering, receiving, and building.

With the new Matte Black colour, the soft hue paints a sophisticated appearance to Type02. Not only does the new colour enhance the classic design, but it also introduces a new layer of premium acrylic foil. This added finish minimises maintenance effort, elongating the cleanliness of the product. At the edges where the design folds, the lamination reflects light-like illuminated white threads. They line the gridded sideboard and shelving systems with an artistic silhouette.

Alongside White, Midnight Blue, Terracotta, and two-toned Sand & Midnight Blue, the introduction of Matte Black brings a breath of freshness to the classic Type02 system. This also balances the factors of timelessness and contemporary in the modern furniture—an equilibrium that Tylko was able to achieve through constant research on new technology, prioritisation of customers’ individuality, and refinement of crafts.

As they put, Tylko strives to be the conscious furniture choice, with no compromise on quality, style, or sustainability. No doubt that they already are.

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