Marble Lights

industrial design

Marble Lights is a minimalist collection in marble and glass produced by &tradition, a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. Designed by London-based Studio Vit, well-known by Minimalissimo, each light is made from Italian Bianco Carrara marble and mouth-blown borosilicate glass. Marble Lights use high quality materials and pure geometric shapes. Simple and solid at the same time.

Originating from an archetypal bulb and socket, it consists of glass spheres and cylindrical marble lamp holders in various sizes which can be freely combined. The light collection includes table, floor and pendant lights, as well as three floor weights which can be used as counterweights to the suspended lights.

Studio Vit have created a collection that is not only clean and refined, but is also a perfect mix of volume, material and weight. I love that.

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