Nicolas Andreas Taralis Beijing


Nicolas Andreas Taralis Beijing is a flagship boutique for a luxury clothing line created by the store's namesake. The radical composition, designed by Belgian architect Bernard Dubois, was devised to pair perfectly with the structured geometry of Taralis' fashion line.

A curved white wall cuts through the room and provides a bright contrast to the grey floors, walls, and seating. An internally lit ceiling illuminates the space with a soft light that contributes as much to the shopping experience as the architecture. Soft black metal accents appear in the trim and details.

Shoppers are guided through the store by the architectural elements, which allow for a single movement from the front displays to the back dressing rooms. The walls, mirrors, and display stands are all strategically placed to maximise the user's experience within the store. This is not your typical shopping trip: Taralis' boutique is a romantic dive into the realm of fashion as art.

Photography by Bernard Dubois.

In the shop