Trinität Special Edition

graphic design

Japanese designer and art director Yuta Takahashi designed this special edition of the book Trinität by German theologian Michael Debus. This book is based on ‘Trinity’ which he told when he visited Japan in 2013 and 2014 in an attempt to explain his theory to the Country. The resulting two volumes were created to narrate his experience, and have been designed using an abstract and monochromatic visual language that reflects the book’s intention and main theme.

Exploring the concepts of duality and abstraction through the exclusive use of black and white and the minimalist geometric symbols donning the covers, Takahashi has produced a visually stunning impact and strong translation. He goes on to explain:

In Japan, when people publish a series of two books, we call volume 1 “Joh” (upper part) and volume 2 “Ge” (lower part). Therefore we have a general idea that volume 1 and 2 is a set. So when the two volumes are stacked they create one complementing unity. The book design as a whole has an impact that intersects contrast, modernism, and minimal impressions.

Photography courtesy of Yuta Takahashi.

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