Community Shelter


Proudly standing on the idyllic Swiss countryside is a curious building resembling an old-timey milk ranch. There is a glaring difference though; the whole structure is made in pure unadulterated concrete. Architecture firm frundgallina dauntlessly inserted a modern building in between two stone-clad historic buildings; it's surprising how much the minimalist presence injects modernity into a traditional setting in the right measure.

The Community Shelter serves as a multi-function hall; potentially hosting meetings, dinner parties and classes. The main room is an ample and subdued space furnished with a lone, but extensive, table; a central element with very clear functionality. A huge window is responsible for the beautiful lighting variance that permeates the room, enriching the experience of the guests and adding texture to the homogeneous surface.

The reduction of the façade down to the most basic geometric lines is old school minimalist sensibility as the main guiding line. As concrete reigns supreme throughout the shelter, it’s clear how classic structures can reach new heights with the right dose of contemporariness.

Photography by Milo Keller.

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