Casa RM


Casa RM is a lovely single-story home overlooking the costal city of Ponta Delgada, Portugal. The long and rectangular structure appears as a monolithic form hovering on the clifftops above the city. Casa RM was designed by Salworks, an architecture firm located in Azores.

The exterior of Casa RM features a combination of warm wood and white walls. The dwelling is composed of thoughtfully arranged block forms connected by various hallways and courtyards. The floor plan is divided by function: bedrooms are located on the north end of the home and the public areas, such as the kitchen and living rooms, are placed on the south side.

Outdoor space is an important feature in Casa RM. A central courtyard and semi-enclosed terrace at the entrance provide additional space to enjoy the pleasant Portuguese weather. At the back of the home a large terrace overlooks the city, and beyond, the sea. The most spacious outdoor area of the home, this terrace features glass railings (so as not to disturb the view) and a minimal roof system that partially covers the deck. Elegant shadows from the roof slates fall across the exterior of the home, adding an artistic detailing to the façade.

The interior design eliminates everything but the essentials. Wooden floors and white walls coordinate with the exterior design while oversized, black-trim windows open up the view outside. I love how Casa RM embraces the outdoors even while located in such a built environment. This dwelling is truly an example of how one can live in tandem with the elements, even in the middle of the city.

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