Brass Mirror Series

industrial design

Designer Falke Svatun has traveled the world. Growing up in Norway, he graduated from college with a BA in Industrial Design from the University of Technology in Sydney. Returning to Scandinavia he chose Copenhagen as his home base, consecutively working for design studio Søren Rose and Norm Architects.

Both Australia and Denmark are countries very much defined by either light or the absence of it. Combined with an architectural approach towards his creations, these aspects might have been the inspiration for Falke Svatuns Brass Mirror Series from 2015. A set of 3-4 mm brass sheets, easily de- and reassembled, this set of shiny geometric shapes sits comfortably between art and product design. When set up, the mirrors create warm, golden reflections, as well as beautiful shadows. At first glance, they look neat and perfect, but Svatun chose to leave the water jet cut edges raw and unpolished. This finish gives the series a final and personal touch, laying bare the production process and making the beautiful objects approachable in a wonderful way.

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