package design

Created by the Slovenian multidisciplinary design studio De - Biro for an ice cream company from the same country, Lupchka's branding and packaging design drew our attention because it’s quite unusual to find a wonderfully minimalist design like this for a company in the edible ice industry. The studio explains:

The popsicle and ice cream brand offers packaging and branding that is highly distinct from those most often offered on the market, we opted to create a brand identity that was much more contemporary and sophisticated than it was playful. The popsicles come in paper cylinders and feature simple labelling, with colours reflecting the various flavours the packaging contains.
It is an admirable approach as well as the fantastic execution—minimal and clean but at the same time fun and playful. The packaging certainly offers a unique and distinctive look that will undoubtedly separate it from the competition.

Additionally, a glow in the dark ink colouring was used, enhancing the consumption experience on warm summer nights. Just great!

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