PACO is a 3m x 3m x 3m cube with a roof that floats open. Designed by Jo Nagasaka of Schemata Architects, PACO is a conceptual design aimed at modelling a new minimalist lifestyle. The structure may be tiny, but it was thoughtfully designed as a fully functional living space. The tiny home does not allow for any superfluous items, but it is dressed with all the essentials. The sleeping area is concealed in a base cabinet, a table (which is also the desk) rises from the floor, and a relaxing hammock falls from the ceiling. The bathroom with shower, similar to the sleeping area, is cut in to the base of the structure. The goal is to make PACO infrastructure free so that it can easily adapt to different landscapes and lifestyles.

With homes growing larger and grander by the day, PACO is offered as a refreshing alternative. I love how PACO's flexible design allows it to adapt to any landscape. I can imagine PACO as a beach home, mountain house, or even in a busy city.

Photography by Takumi Ota.

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