Casa das Preguiçosas


The colour white is no longer a strange face in architectural projects that are labeled with the quality minimal. To encounter a white residential project is even more familiar now than before. The question is: how does a designer differentiate his or her white housing project from the rest?

In my opinion, such standout projects depend on the contexts as well as their spatial divisions, and many other factors. When I first laid eyes on Casa das Preguiçosas, located in Coimbra, Portugal by João Branco + Paula del Río, the impression didn’t stay long. However, the geometric exterior covered up a wonderful network of spatial connections and I realised I was too quick to cast my opinion.

From the entrance of Casa das Preguiçosas, a narrow hallway leads up to a working space that is adorned with a rectilinear bookcase. Shining through this space is the light that comes from the courtyard that serves as a link to the living room, which is lit with natural light and engulfed with gorgeous greeneries from its sides. While the lower floor is dedicated to social programs, the upper floor serves as an area for privacy, while still offering aforementioned views.

Overall, the context of this residence really elevates it physically and aesthetically. The construction for it, with a limited budget, also makes it quite a special minimalistic project.

Photography by do mal o menos.

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