Bloc Brands

graphic design

To represent a timeframe isn’t an easy task, especially for an era known for its fearless utopian tone and rich variety. For this reason Bloc Brands dared to defy the odds and adopt a logo that embodies the strength of the communist era: two simple horizontal blocks is all it takes. Equally minimal and succinct as possible, without losing its grip on a strong concept.

Unlike many logos that are present solely as visual identification, Noeeko's creation extends its reach to a complete branding collection. From the packaging of its lead publication to the website, everything uses the blocks to its fullest potential. Playing and manipulating each line with surprising effects. The commissioned agency managed to tackle a high order and delivered a beautiful end product.

Since the aim of the venture is to publish the best of design from the all countries under the Soviet Union jurisdiction; it won’t be surprising to find masterful logos flirting with minimalist lines. After all, Constructivism and Suprematism drank from the same modernist fountain.

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