Line Collection


A labour of love, the Line Collection timepiece sees a clear dedication of combining honest craftsmanship and meticulously deliberate design. Born from a place of an unidentified need, Glasgow-based Nomad founders Alan and Kelsey saw a want for a non-generic and purposed timepiece offering. Teaming up with celebrated London-based industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson, the vision of the Line Collection was brought to life. Made from a stainless steel case, vegetable tanned leather band, and scratch resistant sapphire-coated glass, the face measures 41mm side and the case sits 8mm from the wrist when worn. Currently spearheading the inception of this piece, the collaborative are running a Kickstarter campaign where pre-release purchases can be secured.

Available in two varying finished designs, the Line Collection is available in either the Inline or Outline styles; respectfully in reference to the differing interaction of the time indicators and the outside edge of the face. Inline moves all of the markings toward the centre of the dial, and Outline moves all of the markings toward the edge. Both are equally beautifully finished and considered designs in either a tan or black Swedish organic leather band, with a black or white face. Wilkinson’s dedication to a defined precision and Nomad’s want for a clean and durable watch solution has seen the birth of this handsome piece. Worn, its considered-ness is appreciated, and the time (pun intended) to get to this stage of production and design execution is obvious. A beautiful piece, and a refreshing collaborative combination.

Photography courtesy of Sylvain Deleu.

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