Maeve by Giglio Pasqua


An inventive visual exercise was put into action by the designer and founder of Maeve, Sandro Weber, and the photographer Giglio Pasqua, as both explored the modernist setting of the Cocoon building in Zurich. The duo played with twisted angles and textures, resulting in a rich and nimble study of the monochromatic setting they handpicked with great care.

The lone model wanders the corridors with a charming nonchalance, all the while carrying a particular magazine in hand.

As Minimalissimo’s first print edition sets its mark around the world, to cameo in what is an extension of our prerogative is rewarding and humbling. As we encounter, in our daily pursuit for quality artistry, incessant simplicity and elegance from a wide variance of creators; it is clear our mission to celebrate minimalism is far from over.

Photography by Giglio Pasqua.

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