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Less here is not an adjective, but a brand’s name that delivers organic products for hair and skin.

Based in Germany, less® aims to eliminate extraneous elements that go in daily care products in order to produce only the bare necessities for regular routines. We can then clearly see why they are able to confidently deem themselves as minimal. With an average of three ingredients per product, the brand searches for a deep understanding of the human anatomy, chemical properties, as well as geographical specialties. For instance, the less® cleansing product is only comprised of water and soil. The key difference is the quality and type of soil, with Moroccan Ghassoul being the highlight of this product for its special cleansing properties. Accompanying those special products are carefully selected accessories that cater to specific skin types and functions.

Moving beyond the contents, the image of less® embodies a simplicity that lies in monolithic product packagings, curves of industrial products, and elegant campaign photographs. Those factors all contribute to a brand’s cohesiveness, further solidifying their statement regarding additive-reductivity in crafts.

less® is not just about cosmetic merchandises; it’s a lifestyle. To me, the little how-to paragraphs and contextual descriptions give the brand a big shine in the current market, as they clarify the brand’s standpoint and give customers a benefit of comprehending their bodies and choices. Therefore, less is more — much, much more.

Photography courtesy of less®.

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