industrial design

Memobottle is a wonderful product with an equally wonderful initiative and reflection behind it, combining simple and sustainable design with functionality.

Made of BPA-Free Plastic, Memobottle is a reusable drink bottle designed to go with you — in a bag or even in a pocket, for example — looking to reduce single use bottle consumption and its disastrous effect on the environment. The water bottle is also designed in a practical and flat container that comes in A5 and A6 sizes, resembling the international paper sizes by the same name.

Created by Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt in Melbourne, they explain:

Somewhere along the line, society became fixated on designing cylindrical shaped bottles. Rather than making a product that conforms to the status, we decided to create something that is easy to transport but still holds the functional aspects of traditional bottles.

This year Memobottle won gold in the A' Design Award, in the Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category, and was featured in the Oscars gift bags.

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