Designed by Benjamin Graindorge, in association with Paris based Design Gallery YMER&MALTA, betweenShadows is a minimalist and very poetic alcove. A piece of art produced in only 8 pieces signed and numbered. I love when art meets design.

Graindorge says:

An alcove made for day-dreaming, covered in a veritable ceramic bisque skin, betweenShadows places us in an in-between world on the line between the profane and the sacred; where shadow comes from light, where they reveal one another. The space where fire comes to life. Light doesn’t just sparkle; it can also be calm and profound. I like to think that this shadow object lights up our inner life, a space that is too fragile to take too much brightness.

Benjamin Graindorge was selected two years in a row for the Design Parade festival and won the Cinna and Audi Talents Awards in the design category.

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