The Row SS17


20 looks in black, white, and beige cascaded down the white marble spiral staircase like haikus for The Row's Spring 2017 presentation.

Following the brand’s archive, this collection consists of silk and taffeta executed in minimal manners, with a simple addition of white sneakers that encapsulates the casual luxury that’s trademarked by The Row. The entirety is simple to understand; that straightforwardness is the poem that flows through the collection.

The captured images don’t focus on the garments’ materials and they don’t fully showcase a certain fullness like runway images. However, when juxtaposing against the minimal decors, the clothes emit a vibe of ease and naturalness that ultimately immerse the silhouettes in movements. The swings and sways communicate the missing elements: the lightness of fabrics, the 360-degree rotation, and the small details that elevate each look. What we also get in return is a feeling of the collection. As romantic as that may sound, this is a very strategic way of The Row as a brand to communicate its image. In the digital age of oversharing information, the brand smartly pulled back on feeding full details and pushed on designing the soul for each look, giving peaks and hidden clues for customers who are unable to attend the show. Perhaps curiosity is what we sorely miss from fashion.

What is so amazing about The Row is its poise. The Olsen twins have untangled the many threads of ideas to reweave them into one clear vision of simplicity and sophistication.

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