No1 Chair by Göhlin


The No1 Chair is the opening act for a series of furniture by Steel by Göhlin. Architect Pontus Lomar gracefully took the single line experiment and accomplished greatness in his first industrial design attempt. Deploying simple lines to create the illusion of impossible continuity, the chair is deceptively simple, as minimalism normally is.

Made from thin steel rods, the chair sports a beautiful matte finish in a gentle black tone. Considering its nimbleness, its simple structure relies on material of the utmost quality — from parent company EAB. The chair has a slight variance: the original version solely on pure steel all round; and the second adds a bit of balminess with leather as cushions and support.

Designing a steel rod frame is a game of drawing a line from A to B, preferably without lifting the pencil. The actual fabrication involves finding the thinnest rod diameter for stability.

Steel by Göhlin bursts into the design scene with a proper showstopper, championing beauty as simplicity and surprising creativity as stimulus for its designers. Solid elegance indeed.

Photography by Björrn Wennerwald.

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