Renovation in Akasaka


Renovation in Akasaka is a loft-style apartment that has been remodelled into a minimalist haven. The original structure, built in the 1970's, had low ceilings and many walls dividing the various rooms. The designers, FrontOfficeTokyo, removed these elements to open up the space. The residence now features an open floor plan, and the high ceilings reveal exposed beams and ductwork. The result is a slightly industrial aesthetic that is pleasantly balanced through the use of soft, light wood on the floors and door. A central core loosely separates the public and private areas of the home. The grey, boxy divider provides utilities for the kitchen on one side and storage for the bedroom on the other.

The simple furnishings provide the necessities without distracting from the open, gallery-like quality of the space. A crafted light fixture spreads from a far wall, snaking across the ceiling and providing a pleasing visual detail that takes the place of traditional wall art. Renovation in Akasaka is a refreshingly uncluttered design which proves that functional can be beautiful too.

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