Plume WiFi

industrial design

After the introduction of Apple's iPhone 7, we can clearly see a pattern in the field of industrial design: innovative designs are giving way to reiterated ones that enhance and improve a user’s experience. Many may see this as a decline in creativity, but I will argue otherwise.

Plume, a new Adaptive WiFi system, sets up a strong example for this case. This minimal hexagonal product is not a replacement, but an addition and a complimentary to the existing wifi modem. Its function is simple: becoming intelligent access points that optimises one’s connection to the Internet wherever a Plume Pod is present. According to the creators, the Pods communicate with the Plume Cloud to deliver the fastest, most resilient and reliable home WiFi, which we all need at this time.

Being modest in appearance, it is also petite in size; the pod turns itself into a perfect decorated piece of modern art to one’s power outlets throughout the house. Packaged in a beautiful box as individuals or sets of 6, the branding of Plume gives an extra layer to quality, emphasising the goal of reliability that the producers aimed for, in both the product’s functionality and physical appearance.

What Plume does is to heighten one’s online experience within his or her own home. That experience, believe me, is as valuable as any technological innovations that have been churned out within the past years.

Photography by Character.

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