Q1 Apartment


To manipulate a spacious apartment is becoming true luxury; as well as the chance to employ custom-made interior design, which is becoming a rarity in this day and age of ready-made furnishings. MODOM Architects had the chance to not only play with a larger than usual apartment, but to confirm a strong predilection towards minimalism as a response to the daily needs of the home owner; without ever letting go of a strong dose of style.

Right in the middle of the apartment stands the only structural element, a pillar that separates the entrance from the main social area. What is left is an open plan with a large media room, dining room and kitchen. Black elements dramatically stand out in beautiful contrast to the white room all around, especially when all the compartments are closed, hiding every possible element other than the grand sofa and the television. The visual reduction infuses lightness and breadth to the main area.

The trend to hide away rooms and lively rudiments is skilfully applied throughout the apartment; such as the main room behind a shy but effective door, the bathroom with an unusual long door for great effect and the lean and thin kitchen cabinets.

Q1 Apartment is clearly a project with sociability in mind, as private areas are unequivocally on the back burner, and interaction is more than encouraged. An unfamiliar facet of minimalism for many, an opportunity for capable architects.

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