House in Hasama

Oita, Japan
Atelier Kenta Eto Architects
Kamano Bank

In the heart of Hasama, a quaint corner of Oita, Japan, a unique dwelling stands out in a residential complex. This house, designed by Atelier Kenta Eto Architects, boasts a distinctive charm with its one-storey structure featuring three 10-foot gabled roofs. These roofs are lined up as if in perfect harmony, giving rise to three distinct spaces within.

The first space serves a dual purpose, functioning as a shop and dining area, with an integrated kitchen. It's a versatile hub that caters to the needs of the residents and welcomes guests with open arms. This part of the house blends seamlessly into the neighbourhood, offering a warm and inviting ambiance.

The second space, a gallery that opens up into a delightful courtyard, is the heart of the house. This central, semi-outdoor area is a pristine white canvas. It can serve as an elegant setting for art exhibitions, creating an inviting gallery space, or it can simply be a tranquil courtyard, allowing residents to appreciate the rows of cherry trees gracing the eastern side of the building.

Finally, the third space is dedicated to residential living, offering a cozy and serene retreat within the residence. Here, one can unwind and enjoy the quiet comforts of home life.

What truly distinguishes this house in Hasama is its thoughtful design, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. The gabled roofs lend a touch of elegance to the structure while the layout of spaces provides a balanced mix of public and private living.

This house in Hasama is not just a home; it's a work of art in its own right. With its unassuming exterior and versatile interior spaces, it seamlessly weaves into the fabric of the neighborhood, embodying the essence of modern living with a nod to the traditional charm of Japanese architecture.

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