Harbour Chair


Bucket chairs often look similar. There are so many of them around today—it can be difficult to distinguish who has designed them along with their level of craftsmanship. It isn't until we inspect the finer details of a design that we can truly appreciate its quality. Enter Norm Architects and designer Kasper Rønn von Lotzbeck.

The Harbour Chair, with an armrest bending backward, and the backrest being slightly higher than on most chairs, the versatile chair provides comfort and support, while also showcasing organic shapes and an overall clean and elegant design.

Brought to life by being designed specifically for the combined office, showroom, café and co-working space, Menu Space—located in the upcoming area around Copenhagen’s northern harbour—the Harbour Chair successfully suits a wide range of purposes—at home, at the office, in restaurants and beyond.

The Harbour Chair is produced with a steel or wood base, with textile or leather upholstering, and is available in various colours.

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