Simpl Watch

industrial design

Minimalism is mostly associated with European, Scandinavian, and Japanese designers. However, many rising brands in other parts of the world are proving to be major stakeholders in evolving and diversifying the field. Southeast Asian countries — notably Singapore and Thailand — have delivered some of the more refined minimal products that are affordable in recent years. Simpl is one of them.

From Thailand, Simpl is a watch brand launched by Tanachpak Warrnissorn and Alisa Kittipong in 2013. Simplicity is the core of their accessories, with the promise of Timeless Modernity. However, what stands out about that simplicity are the precise minute marks that satisfy a perfectionist’s eye for details. The circular array of lines ends and begins with Simpl’s unobtrusive logo. The smart placement not only acts as a double agent in communicating the brand’s image and telling the time, but it also frees the watch of any unnecessary adornments.

Simpl’s most recent collection is named One, with seven different combinations of colours. Italian leather straps wrap around stainless steel case extensions like a perfect marriage. The less noticeable gap between them is what made this collection so chic and contemporary. Minor details like that make me truly appreciate the level of attention to design.

Time goes by, and so does the concept of time, as Simpl’s designers tell us. But to me, what withstands that constant change is the craftsmanship present in Simpl's watches.

Photography courtesy of Simpl and Clockwize.

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