Wiggly House


Wiggly House is a unique, geometric form located in Como, Italy, not far from Milan. Designed by Milan based studio, ifdesign, this modern structure is situated in an otherwise traditional Italian neighbourhood. Wiggly House features an ever-changing roof geometry that adds visual interest to the home's façade, as well as the rooms below. The "wiggling" sequence of the roof informs the rooms below by adding light and raising or lowering the ceiling height. The interior rooms are loosely organised, allowing the home's layout to change and grow according to the family's needs. On the exterior, grey granite and white stucco enhance the home's contemporary qualities.

I love the design of Wiggly House. The architects have designed a beautiful and functional home that doesn't take itself too seriously. This home packages a functional, modern dwelling in a fresh and fun design.

Photography by Andrea Martiradonna.

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