graphic design

Based in the island of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides, Aosdàna is a traditional Celtic jewellery brand that takes its inspiration from the archeology of the island, originally interpreted almost 100 years ago by Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie, who were inspired by the rich cultural landscape that surrounded them.

Founded in 2006 by Mhairi Killin to continue this tradition in the island, branding and design consultancy Graphical House was approached to rethink how traditional Celtic jewellery could be introduced to new audiences, and sit together with new contemporary pieces. They explain to us:

Central to the new identity is a ‘hallmark’ which takes its influence from old Gaelic orthography and the masons marks found on the island. Accompanied by a simple logotype, the brand is adorned by repeat patterns of the marque, that in turn reference the geology of the location.

With a colour pallet reduced to black and white, as well as a beautiful use of grey as a supporting element, any embellishment is made through selection of materials or specialist print techniques. As part of the identity, black and white landscape photography is used to connect the studio and audience with the remote island context.

So now Aosdàna avoids the cliché of Scottish Celtic craft, and instead is presented as a timeless brand.

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