Casa Llor

Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain
Jorge Vidal Studio
José Hévia

This family house, located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, is conceived from a simple premise: to protect and enclose itself from neighbours and to maximise sunlight. The house, designed by Jorge Vidal Studio, is deployed on the plot forming three closed volumes of white organic forms, while the other two remaining facades are much more permeable and Cartesian. This fact is also reflected in the structure. The main body of the house is a wooden frame box supported by a single pillar; the other three totems, on the other hand, are made of reinforced concrete and are attached to the main volume.

This diversity of materials and construction systems is nothing more than a dialogue of contrasts: the hardness, opacity, and roughness of the concrete volumes, to the whiteness, transparency, and domesticity of wood and glass. The organicism of these bodies is used to create the entrance to the house, as well as to better let the light penetrate into the interior. The first floor is organised without the use of partitions, through a furniture that promotes the richness of circulations around it, as well as the multiple exits to the garden.

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