Designed by Johan Kauppi & Nina Kauppi, and produced by Nola, Kebne is a wonderful and original outdoor gym system inspired by a mountain in Swedish Lapland. The Designers explain to us:

Kebne is a minimalistic outdoor gym that forms an abstract mountain scenery inspired by Sweden's highest mountain. A product that positions itself somewhere between public furniture, sculpture and landscape architecture.

The collection is formed by five units that were designed for strength training, stretching and other exercises using only your own body as counterweight, offering many possibilities. Also, the system is provided by a sign with pictographic symbols as guidance for the most common exercises.

Made in 38mm electro‐galvanised and powder coated steel bars, Kebne is also available in three different colours; bright yellow, rusty red and anthracite grey. Meanwhile, the wood plateaus are made out of treated Accoya with characteristics suitable for harsh outdoor environments.

This isn't good design, it's great design. Kebne has been so well considered, elegantly executed, and encourages healthy living. I would love to see this system featured in my own city and many others.

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