Minimalissimo Gift Guide


The holiday season has well and truly kicked in and many of us are thinking about giving. Gift giving in particular. Some of you may be super organised and already have everything bought, boxed and signed, but if you're like me, it will be another couple of weeks before you can take it easy and enjoy the festivities. So to help you with some gift ideas for the design enthusiast—whether this is yourself or a loved one—we have selected a small quality collection.

  1. håndværk Bomber (25% discount code: minimalissimo)
  2. håndværk Varsity Sweatshirt (25% discount code: minimalissimo)
  3. Neto Scissors
  4. Quolo Incense Holder
  5. Claustrum Card Case (15% discount code: Minimalism)
  6. Atelier Naerebout Coffee Table (15% discount code: Minimalism)
  7. Minimalissimo Nº2
  8. Norm Architects Bottle Grinders
  9. Minimalux Travel Pen
  10. The Light Phone
Happy Holidays!

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