Between Cathedrals


Cádiz, in Spain, is considered one of the oldest cities in the West, and furthermore predictably holding several historic buildings. Logically, one of the main challenges is constant maintenance and coexistence of contemporary innovation alongside tradition. Along comes architect Alberto Campo Baeza offering a very smart solution to cover and protect a valued archeological site: a clear intervention and functional deck right in the middle of several Cathedrals.

Facing the ocean, the deck stands proudly in the middle of what could have been a quintessential square with benches and trees; instead, stark modernism takes over with geometry and white colour throughout. A public space meant to offer additional shelter from sun and rain and an ideal lookout one level above the ground.

The reduction and simplification of the excessiveness of neighbouring buildings is rewarding — a clear example of the benefits in user experience of well applied minimalism. An exceptional mix of outlandish aesthetics, considering the native situation, yet it is infused with the familiar functionality of the gazebo. A project worthy of a feature on its own in the city’s tour guides.

Photography by Javier Callejas.

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